Zone Culture Model

How does Zone Culture work?

It is not surprising that most organisations have selected a common set of values to help develop their culture. This is because, these are the most beneficial values that determine a successful culture for humans to perform at their peak, across all functions in the organisation.

Unfortunately, many organisations struggle to execute these common values


Universal Values

We have identified and listed below, universal values (universally desired human qualities) and a list of effects of failing to execute them throughout the day, at work (for each universal value).


Universal ValueEffects of Failing to Execute the Value

  • Lack of sense of belonging leads to disengagement and poor participation

  • Diversity not embraced – left feeling excluded and isolated

  • Teamwork and collaboration decreases

  • Stress leave increases

  • Unhappiness and depression increases

  • Don't love coming to work

  • Absenteeism increases

  • Turnover of staff increases

  • Difficult to attract and retain top talent


  • Lack of caring attitude and behaviour

  • Judgemental – breeds blame culture

  • Profit before people

  • No desire to provide service beyond the call of duty


  • Self-centred – Me focused - What's in it for me, first and foremost

  • Take credit for other people's efforts

  • Egoistic – I'm right therefore you are wrong attitude

  • Black and white polarity perspective

  • Motivated by carrot and stick

  • Lack inspiration and effortless internal flow of powerful, transformative energy


  • Lack of trust

  • Lack of transparency – hidden agendas

  • Distrustful, suspicious

  • Tell lies

  • Don't share information or knowledge

  • Put profit ahead of people

  • Shut down engagement, creativity, performance, goodwill


  • Lack of respect

  • Disharmony

  • Bullying

  • Gossiping

  • Rude

  • Put people down

  • Mistreat others

  • Poor customer service

  • Poor communication

  • Poor teamwork and collaboration


  • Reactive

  • Short fuse

  • Negative attitude

  • Lack of harmony

  • Disruptive – pollutes the environment

  • Lack of courage to take risks – risk averse – play it safe

  • Lack moral courage to do the right thing


  • Stuck in old patterns of thinking and behaviour

  • Resistant to change

  • Lack of ability to bounce back from setbacks

  • Lack of sustained resilience – go with the flow

  • Lack of creativity – ability to think outside the box

  • Lack of innovation


  • Lack of vision and foresight

  • Linear thinking – the past determines the future

  • Problem-focused instead of solution-focused

  • Stuck in old patterns of thinking and doing


  • Lack of creativity

  • Lack of innovation

  • Fearful of making mistakes - experimentation

  • Fearful of failure


  • Scarcity mentality

  • Pessimistic outlook

  • Negative attitude

  • Glass half-empty perspective

  • Fear of competition – competitor focused


  • Lack of gratitude

  • Grass always greener on the other side attitude

  • Always dissatisfied – NOW is never good enough - looking for someone or something to blame


  • Unhappy

  • Lacklustre

  • Depressed

  • Bored

  • Lack of friendship and kinship at work

  • Lack of satisfaction and fulfilment at work

  • Lack of fun and excitement at work


Most books on culture recommend that you have no more than five values.

Which of the above 12 values would you leave out? Would you not want to execute all of them?

The solution is to select one cornerstone value, which when lived, automatically executes all the other universal values.

This cornerstone value is ‘Being in the Zone’


Execute your Values

Zone Culture is all about successful execution!

For your people to execute your company’s universal values, they need to Get in the Zone.

The one cornerstone value – Being in the Zone, will automatically result in the execution of all universal values:


Being in the Zone facilitates the flow of your organisational values. Zone Champions spontaneously live these universal values through the day.
The Zone Culture model underpins the values, thoughts, behaviours and outcomes with the root cause – how you FEEL NOW.

When you feel good, the quality of your thinking is positive and powerful. When you feel bad, the quality of your thinking is negative and compromised.

As there are only two variables, feeling good (in the Zone) or feeling bad (in the Zoo), it is much more manageable than trying to manage the tens of thousands of thoughts flowing through your mind every day.


The Zone Culture model

Overview Flowchart

Feelings drive outcomes

Feelings Drive Outcomes




Peak Performance Model

To become a great leader and manager, you must first become a great human being.

When you understand how the Human Operating System (hOS) works at the core and gain mastery over this system, you will be able to spontaneously influence all leadership and management behaviour because this is a subset of being human.

Your Human Operating System will have undergone a much-needed upgrade from Human 1.0 Operating System (hOS 1.0) to Human Operating System 2.0 (hOS 2.0), which is so necessary if human beings are to become leaders instead of victims of this Fourth Industrial Revolution we are in.

Beyond traditional goal setting

It is particularly important to realise that life is not predictable. With the convergence of exponential technologies all accelerating at exponential rates, everything is changing extremely fast.

The key to success is not to create fixed plans, but to realise that flexibility, adaptability and agility is required. Creative, intuitive new ideas and solutions are needed to compete in this fast-moving marketplace.

When you are heading towards your goal life rarely takes you in a straight line

You need to stay in the Zone even when life does not go according to your plan.

When you are ‘In the Zone’ it is easy to do what you need to do, right here and now.

Zone System

To unleash Zone Culture in your organisation, we use a highly developed system of concepts, tools, skills and language to ensure that everyone in the organisation works and lives in the Zone with confidence

To find out more about the Zone System, book a Discovery Call or contact us

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