Zone Culture Methodology

Unleash Zone Culture in your organisation

To unleash Zone Culture in your organisation, all staff would be taught how to work and live in the Zone.


Unleashing Zone Culture in your organisation starts from the top


1. CEO, Executives, Senior Managers and Managers

Unleashing Zone Culture in your organisation starts with the Leadership Program (one-on-one) with the CEO, Executives, Senior Managers and Managers. This trains the leaders of your organisation at Levels 2 & 3 Zone to enable them to lead Zone Culture throughout the organisation.

The training involves five 2-hour personal one-on-one Zone mentoring sessions with a Zone coach. Includes 12 months of optional fortnightly group mentoring sessions.


2. Team Leaders

The next stage is to train Team Leaders at Level 1 Zone in ‘In the Zone’ workshop. The workshop is 3.5 hours and includes a 15 minute break.

Team Leaders who are unable to attend the workshop can do the Online Course.


3. Frontline Staff

The third stage of unleashing Zone Culture in your organisation involves training your Frontline Staff.

Frontline staff are trained at Level 1 Zone with the online course.

New staff would do this online course as part of their induction into the Zone Culture of your organisation. The online course consists of two 1.5-hour video modules.


Board Members

It is also very beneficial if the Board participates in a special In the Zone Culture Workshop for Board members, to ensure the whole organisation is in the Zone.

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