Your Company Culture Questionnaire

How would you describe your culture?

To get a feel of your current company culture answer the following questions.

Culture as a feeling

  • What does it generally feel like at work each day?

  • What does it feel like at the head office?

  • What does it feel like to work in your division/department/section?

  • Does the feeling in your section change from day to day, month to month or at specific times of the year or when specific events happen?

  • Do people feel included and feel that they belong at work?

  • Do people feel engaged and excited about the company vision?

  • Do people feel respected, included, safe, cared for, trusted, trusting and grateful?

  • Do most people feel happy, inspired and fulfilled at work?

Positive outcomes of your culture

  • Do most people love coming to work at your company?

  • Are your people well and enjoying themselves at work?

  • Do your people believe in delivering excellence at work?

  • Do your people go the extra mile for customers and for each other at work?

  • Do your people give of their best and perform at their peak?

  • Is productivity high?

  • Is profitability high?

  • Do your people take accountability for the company's success as a whole as well as for their own success?

  • Do your people readily experiment, suggest and implement improvements/changes, think outside-the-box and innovate?

  • Are you happy with the level of engagement, motivation and participation of your people?

  • Is equality and diversity embraced and executed in your company?

  • Is it easy to attract and retain talented staff – are you an employer of choice in your industry?
  • Do your people feel that their company is a good corporate citizen?

  • Are your people optimistic and confident that their company will endure over time?

Negative outcomes of your culture

  • Are your people feeling stressed, pressured, overwhelmed or anxious?

  • Is absenteeism higher than you would like?

  • Is it hard to motivate staff?

  • Is productivity where you would like it to be?

  • Is profitability on track?

  • Is there resistance to change – a lack of adaptability and agility?

  • Is lack of creativity and innovation an issue?

  • Is there a 'silo' mentality between departments?

  • Is there conflict among your people?

  • Is inequality and lack of diversity an issue?

  • Is bullying an issue?

  • Is gossiping an issue?

  • Is distraction an issue?

  • Is mediocrity an issue?

  • Is poor customer service an issue?

  • Do your people feel uninformed?


Most Common Culture Problems

Company values must be executed in order to establish a strong company culture.

Not only do CEOs have difficulty in defining their company culture and determining the values needed to make this culture happen, the biggest challenge of course is to see all of their staff execute these values throughout the day, every day. This is where road blocks arise.

Road Blocks

In times of great uncertainty and rapid change, the greatest human constraint is FEAR of:

  • Failure
  • The unknown
  • Loss of resources (money, time, access)

At a time when we need to be the most creative, adaptable, and agile, our human conditioning raises the spectre of significant perceived risk involved with every step of the creative process and of changing what we do. If the fear that normally arises is not addressed, paralysis and seemingly plausible excuses for not boldly moving forward can create major road blocks to your company’s success.

Imagine what your company could achieve if you had a culture that is free of fear?

Find out more about how you can overcome human constraints in a company and create an innovative, adaptable and agile culture free from fear, book a Discovery Call.

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