Written Testimonials

“The Advantage SA team is more productive, enthusiastic, focused and energised as a result of being Zone trained. Being in the Zone allows you to think more clearly, be more effective and efficient in making decisions, deal with challenges that arise, reduce stress and improve your work-life balance”
Nikki Seymour-Smith

CEO, Advantage SA

“In my work and personal life I now have the ability to stay calm and remain in a state of creative productivity. Being in the Zone has also had an amazingly positive impact on my interaction with staff, clients and strategic partners. Having personally experienced the enormous benefit of Zone training, we Zone trained everyone in our business enabling us to work collectively and deliver superior outcomes for our clients. Zone Culture is a powerful foundation for success in our business.”
Dan Atkins

Managing Director, Shaper Group

“Zone Culture gave us a huge competitive advantage in business. Job satisfaction was greatly enhanced in the Zone with a much greater sense of fulfillment achieved every day. Being Zone trained equipped us with a far broader capacity to assist others reach their absolute best potential and added value to everything that we did, in both our personal and business lives.”
Nick Duffield

Director, Hunter Careers

“Zone training has increased my productivity by 400%”
Nick Palousis

Young South Australian of the Year 2007 & MD, 2XE

“In a rapidly shrinking real estate market, over 3 years, I increased my sales commissions from $50,000 to more than $500,000 per annum. This 10x increase was made possible by getting into the Zone and sustaining this state of flow”
Daniel Osche

Real Estate Agent, Harris Real Estate

“We initially Zone trained our 19 sales and support staff at Fiveaa and the results made it an easy decision to put our NOVA team into the Zone and have it for all our new recruits – on both radio stations. Michelle has developed the tools to effectively get sales team’s into the Zone – the state of peak performance.”
Bronwyn Klei

Group Client Director, DMG Radio

“We’ve put our whole sales team through the Zone Culture Program which continues to produce a great return on our investment. On top of the financial gains, Zone training has also engendered a more harmonious culture in our company – it has become an even nicer place to work for all of us.”
Stephen Venn

Director, Brock Harcourts, Colonel Light Gardens

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