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Today’s high-performing business leaders identify culture as the true frontier for sustainable business growth and development as they navigate through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent acceleration into the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Most business leaders know that culture is important. They understand that poor culture leads to high turnover of staff and increased sick leave. They know that mediocre/mundane culture leads to employees who do the minimum to keep their jobs. They also know that a great culture draws out the very best performance in problem solving, creativity, innovation, customer service which results in exceptional productivity and accelerates growth. An extraordinary culture builds a unique and unbeatable company DNA that competitors cannot readily copy.

Great values create great culture that creates great companies – but only when these great values are lived every day, by every employee.

Unfortunately, this is not the case across many industries. For many companies today, their great company values have become just a mental list of words to aspire to rather than being lived.

The Main Goal of this presentation is to de-mystify Culture and show how you and your employees can spontaneously live your company’s important values, collaboratively perform at their peak and achieve extraordinary outcomes

Masterclass Format Options:

  • Live Masterclass
  • Zoom Masterclass
  • Recorded Masterclass

What you will learn in this presentation:

  • What is Culture – really?
  • 7 Myths about Culture – debunked!
  • How extraordinary Culture drives extraordinary results
  • Why employees sometimes fail to implement their important company values in times of uncertainty and rapid change, and how to solve this
  • How to remove the human constraints that hijack your culture, create conflict, sabotage excellence and drain productivity
  • How to dissolve anxieties around Covid-19 and fears of job loss
  • How to ensure creativity, adaptability and bold decision making
  • How to create a successful culture to thrive in these challenging times – even while working remotely



What People are Saying


“Fantastic session”, Kate Lukasz, Director, Summit Finance

“Great thought provoking content”, Penny Reidy, Director, Market Fresh SA

“Great! Such an educational masterclass”, Melissa Shorter, Partner, Duncan Basheer Hannon Lawyers

“Very informative presentation”, Brooke Kenny, ClinPath Pathology

“Excellent presenter – very passionate”, Maureen Lawler, Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Barkuma


Industry Associations

Michelle Stanton’s presentation to The CEO Institute syndicates in South Australia has been well received and appreciated. Michelle is an engaging and passionate presenter on her Zone Culture programs. I’d encourage CEO’s, business leaders and business owners who are interested in building a positive organisational culture to talk to Michelle.
Paul Preiss, Director – SA, The CEO Institute

Thank you to Michelle for giving such an inspiring and interactive presentation. The feedback forms were full of glowing praise for Michelle and for the content of her presentation. If she is an example of how The Zone can improve our lives, then we should all be making an effort to learn more about this exciting state of being.
Kerry Walker, CPA Australia

Overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive and the ongoing demand for your workshops are testament to their quality. Our members continue to find your knowledge and experience valuable and highly sought after.
Karen Raffen, CEO, Brand South Australia

Michelle gave a great presentation and the evaluation results for her were exceptional. She has an amazing ability to connect with her audience (of 700).
Milad Etemadi, CEO, Industry Pioneer- International Conference on Modern Management (Iran)

Michelle was the most engaging speaker we have had yet! Her speech was full of personality and excitement. She was animated, funny and got the audience involved, which held our interest throughout the presentation. I felt that every single person in the room could take something that Michelle said and apply it in their lives, no matter what their field was.
Danielle Molenaar, Servcorp

Showcase SA – Culture Masterclass

Watch the full length Masterclass (1 hour 36 minutes)

Recorded on Wednesday 9 September 2020

Click on this link to watch the full length Showcase SA Masterclass


Feedback from the Masterclass

“Great! Such an educational masterclass.”
Melissa Shorter
Partner, Duncan Basheer Hannon Lawyers

“Fantastic session”
Kate Lukasz
Director, Summit Finance

“Great thought provoking content”
Penny Reidy
Director, Market Fresh SA

“Wonderful eye opener”
Justin Porter
Commercial Director, Loftus

“Very informative presentation”
Brooke Kenny
Pre-analytics Executive, Clinpath Pathology

“Excellent presenter – very passionate”
Maureen Lawlar
Executive Manager, Corporate Services, Barkuma

About Your Presenter

Michelle Stanton

Michelle Stanton is the founder and CEO of Zone Culture.

Zone Culture helps visionary leaders build human capital, transform their culture, overcome human constraints and turn their values into a lived reality.

Michelle is a Thought Leader in the field of Organisational Culture and The Zone – the Flow state of peak performance. She is a past President of the Professional Speakers Association in South Australia and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders. She has tertiary qualifications in Science, Education and Marketing and worked for 10 years in senior management roles at ANZ Banking Group and ICI Australia before starting her own business.

Michelle is the author of “The Timeless World – Debunk your Fears & Discover Heaven on Earth” and “Selling in the Zone – Stress-free Success in Sales”.

Some of Zone Culture’s clients include Clinpath Pathology, The Adelaide Fringe (The Arts), ASC P/L (Submarines and Shipbuilding), Bernie Lewis (Finance), Minda Inc (NFP), Taoundi College (Education), Udder Delights (Cheese Making) and Wilson & Sandicott (Medical).


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