Happiness, Fulfillment, Engagement and Participation

When all your employees are happy, fulfilled, engaged and participating fully at work every day, extraordinary things happen at work and your company flourishes

If your employees do not understand how to manage their emotional state:

  • They lack equanimity and:

    • Are reactive
    • Have short fuses
    • Create disharmony
    • Are disruptive
    • Are not collaborative and don’t work well in a team
    • When things don’t go according to plan, they look for someone or something to blame
    • Are quick to judge – they get annoyed, angry, resentful, seek revenge
    • Are unable to be creative and perform at their peak
    • Are not as productive as they could be
  • They lack gratitude and:

    • Have a scarcity mentality
    • Believe that the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’
    • Are always dissatisfied – NOW is never good enough – feel unfulfilled
    • Lack optimism and enthusiasm
  • They lack joy and:

    • Are unhappy, depressed, bored
    • Tend to lack friendship and kinship at work
    • Don’t get satisfaction and fulfillment from their work
    • Lack fun and excitement at work
    • Dislike coming to work – money is the only driver to come to work
    • Don’t engage and don’t contribute wholeheartedly
    • Are lacklustre and not proactive

Happiness, fulfillment, engagement and participation are necessary ingredients if you wish to become an ‘employer of choice’.

Zone Culture provides the unique tools and proven methodology to help all staff manage their emotional state and overcome the human constraints listed above. Book a discovery call to find out how.

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