Customer Service and External Relationships

Customer service and how you treat your suppliers and all other stakeholders in your organisation is all about who you are as a human being.

There are too many different scenarios happening every day for there to be specific rules on how to respond to customers and all the other people you interact with inside and outside your organisation.

Being kind, generous and grateful to others is the key to success in all human relationships. To be like this on a consistent basis, you have to transcend your ego and become as selfless as you can be.

Egoistic employees are:
  • Self-centred – me focused – what’s in it for me, first and foremost
  • Take credit for other people’s efforts
  • Judgemental – I’m right, therefore you are wrong attitude
  • Black and white polarity perspective – no grey
  • Motivated by carrot-and-stick rather than intrinsically inspired
  • Limited in their ability to provide exceptional customer service and build lasting, productive relationships with all stakeholders

 Zone Culture’s unique methodology helps employees realise their true, powerful selves beyond the Ego. Zone Culture’s proprietary tools teach employees how to be kind generous and grateful… and provide the most loving customer service to both their external and internal customers. Book a discovery call to find out how.

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