Caring, Inclusion and Belonging

Caring, inclusion and belonging is the most important characteristic for all employees in an extraordinary company.

When employees feel that they are cared for, that they belong and feel included in the company’s reason for being, they will do their utmost to fulfil the vision of the company.

Many companies are still struggling with diversity and inclusion challenges. This is not surprising because this is a human issue. In order to address this, we have to understand what it is to be human and to bring our best selves to work.

Caring or love is a basic human essence. Without it we would not be human.
Without caring and love at work, human beings would not thrive there.

Lack of caring and love, leads to:

  • Uncaring attitude and unkind behaviour
  • Judgemental attitude and breeds blame culture
  • Profit before people policies that lead to high turnover of your best people
  • Mediocre customer service – no desire to provide service beyond the call of duty. Applies to both internal and external customers, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Burnout when health is sacrificed for short term results or working at something you hate

Lack of a sense of inclusion and belonging leads to:

  • Disengagement and poor participation
  • Diversity not embraced – left feeling excluded and isolated
  • Reduction in creative ideas and innovation
  • Lack of teamwork and collaboration
  • Increase in stress leave and absenteeism
  • Unhappiness and increase in poor mental health
  • Increase in staff turnover
  • Difficulty in attraction and retention of top talent

 Zone Culture’s proprietary tools and unique methodology ensures that everyone in the organisation feels the sense of belonging, feels cared for and included. Diversity is then no longer just a numerical measure, it is a natural integration throughout your organisation. Book a discovery call to find out how.


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