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Zone training teaches you how to master how you feel in any given moment so that you can enter the Zone and manage work and personal challenges effectively, effortlessly and with a clear mind

Benefits of being in the zone

We bring our whole selves to work, so unlike other culture programs, we go beyond workplace issues to help you and your team develop a greater capacity to manage challenges at home, such as separation or grief.

We teach skills that have participants thinking clearly and finding happiness in work and home life.

Performing at your peak every day
Leading and influencing, instead of just managing your people
Better teamwork, collaboration and harmony in the workplace
Improved relationships with your partner, children and family
Reduced stress and better health
Reduced brain fog, better decision making, creativity and productivity

How we help you reach the zone

We know that what we think influences what we do, and we cannot think better than we feel.

Emotional Empowerment and Emotional Accountability is the key to addressing negative thoughts, feelings and emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety, sadness, apathy and guilt. These all prevent you from accessing the zone and give rise to cultural problems that undermine success.

Zone Culture Training enables you to powerfully influence others, excel in everything you do and achieve extraordinary outcomes through your people. The Zone tools and skills enable you to solve problems you previously thought was impossible to solve.

Peter Shanahan, General Counsel, SAPOL (South Australian Police) and Chair, Police Health

By freeing ourselves from our past limitations, Zone Culture allows our company to function at our optimum level.

Saul Sullivan, Managing Director, Udder Delights

Zone Culture helped my project team resolve personality clashes and differing agendas. It taught us how to apply optimal behaviours in very high-pressured situations to reach mutually agreeable solutions quickly. We built deep trust and respect, resulting in exceptional unity and collaboration. The outcome was that the project was completed on time, in spec and under budget and won multiple awards.

Michelle Gheorghiu, Executive Director, Minda Housing Limited, Previously Project Director, SAHMRI

Good culture is hard to define and easy to feel. You know when you get it right and when you get it wrong. Zone Culture has helped us move from just talking about improving culture and trying to make it happen to actually living and feeling the improved culture.

Margot Cook, GM People and culture, Police Health

Zone Culture helps us Focus on the best outcome rather than the worst when faced with major challenges, nip cross-departmental communication breakdowns in the bud and question each other’s limiting assumptions without triggering defensiveness.

Heather Croall, CEO, Adelaide Fringe

I went from $50k pa to more than $500K PA in sales commission over a span of three years when the real estate industry lost 50% of real estate agents due to a shrinking market.

Daniel Osche, Harris Real Estate

Zone Culture helps people deal with challenging environments by staying in the Zone.

Peter Samarzia, Contractor to Department of Defence

I increased my productivity by 400% after being Zone trained at Zone Culture.

Nick Palousis, MD of 2XE Consulting and Young South Australian of the Year 2006

Zone Culture is unique in its focus on optimism and wellbeing and how we as leaders feel and make others feel. The focus on feeling and wellbeing goes to the heart of the culture of the organisation, which is about how people feel about their workplace, their colleagues, their leadership etc.

Jim McDowell, Group CEO, Nova Systems

Let’s talk about how we can optimise your performance and company culture

Michelle Stanton
Co-Founder & CEO

Michelle Stanton, the Co-founder and CEO of Zone Culture, is an expert in the field of Organisational Culture, Emotional Mastery and The Zone – the Flow state of peak performance. Michelle is the author of The Timeless World – Debunk your fears and discover Heaven on Earth and Selling in the Zone – Stress free success in sales. She is a past President of the Professional Speakers Association in South Australia and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

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