Adaptability and Agility

Human beings are creatures of habit

The current habit of humans is to seek comfort in the known. This being the case, many employees are unfamiliar with the need to become comfortable with the feeling of discomfort that something new and different triggers. Most often this results in employees being uncomfortable with and resistant to change, and lack adaptability.

For companies to thrive in these exponentially changing times employees have to learn how to become comfortable with the unknown, becoming a beginner again, making mistakes and taking calculated risks in order to stay abreast of the competition and surge ahead through innovation.

Employees who are not agile are:

  • Stuck in old patterns of thinking and behaviour
  • Uncomfortable with uncertainty
  • Reluctant and resistant to change
  • Unwilling to learn new skills – technical skills and human skills
  • Unable to quickly bounce back from challenges
  • Unable to go-with-the-flow
  • Unable to think outside-the-box
  • Lacking in creativity and innovation
  • Risk averse – habituated to playing it safe

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