Accountability, Productivity and Performance


To be accountable, you first need to be very clear about the vision of your company and the outcomes each employee is expected to achieve.

When everyone is accountable for the success of the whole company as well as their personal success, teamwork and collaboration flourish.

Lack of accountability leads to a ‘blame’ culture in an organisation.

A culture of accountability is a mandatory requirement for success in these times of exponential change.

Productivity and Performance

Highly productive and high performance is dependent on employees:
  • Knowing what is to be achieved
  • Knowing how to achieve it most effectively
  • Doing the work to the very best of their ability
  • Receiving prompt constructive feedback
  • Adapting readily to changing circumstances
  • Feeling happy and fulfilled

Many managers do not like addressing employee performance problems because it is labelled as confrontational or as a conflict situation. This leads to delays or avoidance of providing timely feedback which is in turn detrimental to everyone involved and outcomes as a whole.

Learning how to inspire staff to perform at their peak is key to success in this ever changing business environment.

Zone Culture’s unique and proven methodology instills accountability and dramatically improves productivity and performance. Book a discovery call to find out how.

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